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Diplomatic Corps & Consular Corps - Corps Diplomatique & Corps Consulaire membership is a privilege exclusively granted to all credentialed Diplomats and Consular Officers worldwide, neutrally and without prejudice or cost. Membership, Rights & Privileges are by mutual recognition and in keeping with the spirit and aims of the Vienna Conventions of 1961 and 1963.

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2014 - 2018 EDU Accredited Courses from Diplomatic Corps Institute

  • (CD288) - e-Diplomacy - Introduction

  • (CD289) - e-Diplomacy - Advanced Certificate

  • (CD290) - Small States Protocol - Introduction

  • (CD291) - Small States Protocol - Advanced Certificate

  • (CD292) - 21st Century Diplomacy - Introduction

  • (CD293) - 21st Century Diplomacy - Advanced Certificate


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Public Enquiries:  Administrator@CorpsDiplomatique.CD

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Official Enquiries:  Protocol@CorpsDiplomatique.CD  (Ministries of Foreign Affairs, State Departments, Missions or Diplomats ONLY)

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