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FREE email accounts for Diplomats, Consuls and Missions




  • Personalization - a unique personal .CD or .CC email address exclusively for Diplomats and Missions.

  • Portability - take the same email account with you, no matter where you are stationed in the world.

  • Reliability A 100% secure solution, kindly managed for us by Microsoft.

  • Protection Anti-Virus and spam filter also included.

  • Privacy Not even we can see your eMail messages.

  • Easy of use – Web-Based or via Outlook and similar programs. Also includes email forwarding.

  • Included Features  – Messenger, SMS New eMail alerts and access your email via mobile phone.

  • Support - 24/7 online and email support.

and much more....

Please email: Accounts@CorpsDiplomatique.CD and ask for an invite.

It is required to provide proof of eligibility either via your name and email address appearing on a

listing of a Ministry of Foreign Affairs website, or by having your Embassy/Consulate contact us to attest your credentials.



Public Enquiries:  Administrator@CorpsDiplomatique.CD  

 Official Enquiries:  Protocol@CorpsDiplomatique.CD  (Ministries of Foreign Affairs, State Departments, Missions or Diplomats ONLY)


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